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White Tea

Dear Visitor,

We are happy to announce the launch of our new web site at

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Any questions please email us or call us
Tel: (812) 375 - 1937.

Lalith Guy Paranavitana


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Kiwi / Pear White Symphony -
$7.50 (3.5 oz. bag) - NEW!
Pai Mu Tan white symphony with Kiwi and Pear flavors. Delicate, fine bouquet.

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Earl White -
$7.50 (3.5 oz. bag) - NEW!
Pai Mu Tan white Peony tea with Bergamot flavoring and Orange peel.

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Symphonic Shangri-La -
$7.50 (3.5 oz. bag) - NEW!
A delicately fruity, Pai Mu Tan Peony white tea. Heavenly!

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White Peach -
$7.50 (3.5 oz. bag) - NEW!
Pai Mu Tan white symphony with Peach flavor. Mildly flavored to give out a fine bouquet.

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Kiwi & Strawberry White Symphony  -
$7.50 (3.5 oz. bag) - NEW!
Pai Mu Tan white tea with Kiwi and Strawberry flavors.

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Pai Mu Tan White Symphony
- $11.00 (3.5 oz. bag)
Large, bold, whole leaf tea with white down covered buds from the Fujian region of China. The leaves are intact and has not been rolled like traditional tea. Use a larger portion of this tea as it is very bold and light weight. First infusion 180 F - 7 min, second at 180 F - 10 min.

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China White Tea -
$18.00 (3.5 oz. bag)
Exceptional down covered silvery buds yielding a light yellow liquor. Tender buds are steamed not dried.

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Ceylon Silver Tips
- $23.00 (3.5 oz bag)
Carefully hand picked tender buds from Glentilt Estate in Sri-Lanka (Ceylon).

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