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Tea Tour highlights are below, please check this page for forthcoming tea tour information.






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Tel - (812) 375 1937





January  2-17   2011


Following the overwhelming success of the Jan 2010 tea tour, experience the 15-day tour of Sri Lanka covering tea gardens and factories, tea auctions and The Tea Research Institute.  Learn tea manufacture, drive through tea gardens and afterwards, relax with a typical afternoon tea. Laze at sunny beach resorts, and indulge in shopping. Explore cultural sites and temples, and travel on safari. You will be accompanied by Lalith Guy Paranavitana, President Empire Tea Services, USA (since 1990). A former Tea Estate Manager and Director of the Sri Lanka State Plantations Corporation, Sri Lanka (1970 - 89).



The tea industry in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is over 150 years old. It is a traditional industry commenced by the British when Ceylon was a colony. Vestiges of the Colonial heritage are still evident, particularly in the tea growing regions. Meet tea experts and scientists at the Tea Research Institute and learn about the latest scientific discoveries. Sharpen your tea tasting skills with experts. Spend a night on a tea plantation.





Visit Sri Lanka and witness the culture and heritage of this beautiful island!  Sightseeing temples, ancient ruins of kingdoms past that reveal the Buddhist influence on Sri Lankan culture.  There is a gamut of interests for all.  Sri Lankan Handicrafts and Spices make wonderful souvenirs.





The coastline stretches for 450 mile round the island.  Stroll along pristine sandy beaches. Resorts are modern with all conveniences and serve Western & Eastern cuisine. Pampering guests is a time honored tradition in Sri Lanka. A safari tour of the Yala National Park is just the right adventure for close encounters with bears, elephants, leopards and crocodiles in their natural habitat. An unforgettable experience.



Contact us for testimonials, dates, itinerary and prices. Limited

seating .... don't wait!!



Lalith Guy Paranavitana                       EmpireTeaServices               



The January 2010 tea tour was a grand success. We had 8 members on our inaugural 14 day tea tour of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The overwhelming appreciation shown by the members have encouraged us to repeat this tea tour in January 2011. The tour was described as a ‘trip of a lifetime’ by some members. For testimonials, a complete itinerary and prices, please contact us.




Picture shows the tea tasting room at John Keells Tea Brokers in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In the morning we attended the Tea Auctions.

See Tea Tour Video -


Tea Tour Testimonials –  

Phil & Elaine Terman – We cannot thank you enough for putting together this wonderful tea tour. This has been absolutely ‘the trip of a lifetime’ for both of us. We so enjoyed seeing all of the treasures this beautiful country has to offer, but the tea plantations were the perfect treat. I can hardly wait until my next lecture where I’ll be able to share all I have seen and learned. You put together a wonderful experience and we are grateful for your guidance and the shared knowledge of the world of Ceylon tea. We shall treasure this experience forever.

Fred & Sheila Duda - We just can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our trip to Sri Lanka so wonderful. We had the time of our lives!

Pete & Heidi Morse - What a memorable tea tour it was indeed. One of the very best I'd say. A terrific crowd altogether and we had so much fun.  It did not make any difference to us that we were not tea experts, it was just nice to be invited to all the factories and off the beaten track and share the opportunities you gave us. Thank you for a very personal tea tour!

Sandra Knight – I feel blessed to have had you as our guide. I know that we got special treatment because you were there. Thank you.

See Sri Lanka Video on -

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